I rediscovered my Tumblr today, so I'm going to share a few things that I tumbled roughly four/five years ago that I still love today.  I'll credit where possible, but not many of the items had external links.  If you find the original source, feel free to comment and I credit it properly.

Probably my favorite line from one of my favorite books.  The books that you read in high school really do stay with you in a special, unrepeatable sort of way.  Animal Farm is one of those books I will never get rid of no matter how many times I move.

From this site.  I love cross-stitch and pop culture reference or just modern takes on cross stitching.

Have your adventures, make your mistakes, and choose your friends poorly — all these make for great stories.

Chuck Palahniuk

Love this...so much.

Stumbled upon a lot of Lost, Star Wars, and duo fan art.  Love it still.

Yes.  This.

And this is my last thing of the day.  Funny how some things I tumbled are still so relevant and others just make me laugh.  Also enjoyed reading my vague stories, rants, elations involving ex-boyfriends and ex-man friends who were not exes at the time.

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