Summer jams

It's July 1st and that blows my mind.  In honor of us being in summer, like, the absolute middle of it, here are a few songs that I love in a guilty pleasure sort of way...minus the guilt part.  If it's on and I'm in my car, I am belting it out like an American Idol contestant.

I wish I was in this video, but if I was, I'd be that awkward hip thrust in the corner.  Sometimes I'm amazed at the amount of time, talent, and styling people put into fan videos, this one is a great example.  Anyone who has done any sort of choreography knows that it isn't an easy thing to come up with or synchronize.

I also feel like I can't talk about I Love It without sharing the scene from Girls:

Nothing has ever made me want to rave and do coke quite like this scene.  If only I had a gay best friend to lend me a mesh yellow top so I could dance around braless.

It's been awhile but my love for this song hasn't faded.  Who doesn't pretend to be in a music video every time they hear Call Me, Maybe?

And, it is better than the original is the Harvard baseball team version.  I honestly think that I saw the boys in the van before Carly Rae's actual video.

Last song that makes me happy in a summer sort of way is the newest Selena Gomez number.

Well, these are my top three summer tunes at the moment.  Time to get back to real life.

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