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Now based on my June goals, you'll see I didn't bike much...okay, at all.  But I'm happy to report that this July I've already gone for a few rides.  Last year when I bought my bike, I also purchased a detachable basket.  I told myself that it'd be great for the Farmer's Market, for carrying my stuff to and from work, and for throwing the pups in for a ride now and then.

Um.  I tried one of those original "lofty" goals and had near disastrous results.

I put the basket on the bike and placed Crookston's favorite blanket in as lining.  I grabbed Crookston, set him in the basket, and proceeded to walk with the bike.  I figured he'd have to get used to the feel of it before we took off on a blazing, 8 miles per hour, sort of ride.

Well just about halfway down the block, the basket dumped.  Um...oops.  Didn't even think about how the dumping mechanism might come detached as my chunky fur baby and I walked over a bump.  Luckily, I was so worried about him jumping out that I had a hold of him and he did not fall to the ground.

Now that the back story is done, I want one of these:

It's for your dog!

Now I know what you're thinking...nearly $200 dollars for something you'll probably use twice?  Well, the great part is it's good for the Farmer's Market and bringing my stuff to and from work, ha ha.  Seriously though, I think Crookston would love it.  The real issue is I don't know where I'll be next year, so I don't know how long until I find a pup-friendly place.  I'm worried if I left, I'd only have this summer and fall to use it and I don't think it's worth the price for just a season's use.

I've decided to start scouring Craiglist and looking for the kind people just their children in that also zip-up.  Fingers crossed that I find a used human one that can double for my fur baby.

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