How important is appreciation?  I've been thinking a lot about what appreciation means in life, more specifically in jobs.  Do you want a job where you're constantly growing and busting your butt and getting a, "thanks" or "you're awesome" or are you okay with having a job where your work is never vocally recognized?

I think everyone likes to be appreciated.  When someone tells me that I've done something well, or I hear from another person that someone was raving about me, it makes me feel good...why wouldn't it?  But am I too used to hearing how "great" I am that without that verbal boost I don't feel worthy without it.

I think that compliments are the nicest thing around.  I read a blog where the gal challenged everyone to give two sincere compliments a day and I've been trying to do just that,  When you put good out, eventually it comes around.  That's just karma.

Anyway, I think that when you're the boss, people forget that you, too, like compliments.  That you need to be appreciated.  Is appreciation only applicable for entry-level positions?  Maybe it's about truly loving what you do.  If you're 100% happy and in love with your job, you probably don't need people to compliment you, to stroke your ego....

Just a few thoughts that have been bouncing around my head.

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