June Goal Update

I have about three days left in June and I figured I could use this time to look back on my goals and see my successes/failures.

June goals:
  • Type and polish two more stories for my book- Yes and no, but more no than yes. I've been working, but it's been sporadic, and nothing is 100% complete.  My problem is I like to write very large and complex scenes, as opposed to short stories.  This will be continued.
  • Bike rides!- Ugh.  I put air in my tires two days ago.  I can pretend that the next three days will be filled with rides.
  • Drop one of my two gym memberships
  • Create a new piece of art- I haven't been especially inspired.  I've been buying instead of creating.  I'm scouring thrift stores for a good find so that I can re/upcycle it into something I love.
  • Clean my items out of the garage
  • Clear off one row of my bookshelf for Pyrex display- Yes and no, more yes than no.  I actually cleared out an entire bookshelf.  I now have one, instead of two in my room.  So the displaying part didn't happen, but the cleaning part did.
  • Get together with friends before they move- No, Laurel is still here though so I keep telling myself that I have time.  Note to self: text Laurel and make concrete plans.
  • Craft/movie night- This will hopefully be coupled with getting together with Laurel before she moves.  I also need to yell at Rhiannon and plan a day/evening/time with her.  After spending the day with Rhiannon in Fargo on Tuesday, I don't know why we don't hang out more.
Looking forward to setting July goals, though I can see by my lack of success that I need to have more definite plans of action with deadlines.

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