Globe Love

Following bloggers means that I often get an insight into their homes.  Some of the display and items I've seen showcased leave me envious and one of the things I usually find that fuels my jealousy is globes.  I've always wanted a globe.  There's something about the ones with raised mountains and outdated countries that just makes me happy.

Last week I won an online auction that included two globes. When I made the journey to pick up my items, the couple who runs the site mentioned they had another globe should I want that one as well.  Who needs two globes?  It doesn't make sense to have two, let alone three.  So, of course, I took the third one as well.

Now I'm the owner of a small collection.  I have big plans for one.  If you remember the map coasters I made for my newlywed friends, the big plans are for them.  Shannon and Jared just bought a house, so I'm planning on amping up the cool on this globe and giving it to them as a housewarming gift.  That tutorial will come later this month.

Something you should realize is that I don't do things in small dosages.  I dive in head first and get obsessed.  That's why I went from zero to three globes in a matter of seconds and why I spent most of last night and my time off today finding cool facts and crafts that center around globes.

First up, how globes are made.  It's only a four minute video, so it's not a horrible watch.

And now for the inspirational globe crafts.

This one combines my love of vintage and repurposing all on one globe.  I have some old children's books that I could use should I decide to go this route.  Unfortunately, the pinterest link didn't send me to the original source.  Should you come across it, let me know and I'll properly credit the picture/globe.
Little House in the Big D also seems to have been inspired by the Anthropologie globes I stumbled upon.  This project most closely resembles what I'm hoping to create.
These globes led to both snowglobe projects and some other neat map ideas.  I think this summer will be a crafty one...if I can only find some free time.

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