Girl Crush

Working at the mall means that I see my fair share of people.  My favorite part of my job, hands down, is that I get to talk and interact with guys and girls that I'd never have an excuse, or the courage, to converse with.  This brings me to my main point: girl crushes.

A girl crush is, according to Urban Dictionary's top rated definition, "lings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level."  Since I meet hundreds of people a week, I occasionally find myself with a small girl crush.

Today I found myself talking with a girl who had wonderfully bright hair and briefly lived in the same town as my Grandma.  She had a couple of cool tattoos on her arms and a few piercings I've contemplated, but never had the nerve to follow through on.  My girl crush on her was mostly based on envy.  This girl had cooler hair than me, badass tattoos and sweet short, she was kind of like the cooler version of me.

Some of my girl crushes are on people who inspire me. 

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess blog definitely inspire me.  These two adorable gals find a way to DIY everything.  The only thing they haven't done on their blog is stencil toilet paper...but it's probably planned for a future post.

My other favorite duo are my neighbors to the North.  Stef and Erin from the Oh So Lovely Vintage blog.  The two have a shop in Canada that makes me squeal with joy every time they post pictures.  I'm envious of their killer style and the fact that Stef is a year older than me (Erin is 3 years my senior) and living this crazy dream.  Random story: one time I was working and Erin stopped in.  I was so excited that my mind when blank and I asked her, at warp speed, "are you Erin or Stefanie?"  She warily answered that she was and I, again at warp speed, proceeded to tell her how much I love her blog and how I want to visit her store and then I mentioned 117 of my favorite bloggers...or it felt like that.  I'm sure I scared her into never stopping back, but I was embarrassingly excited to meet her :)

I think one of the main things about having a girl crush is not really knowing the person.  You see a snippet of their life and look for a way to connect with them.  If you have a girl crush on a close might be a lesbian.

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