Favorite Treat

Yesterday I saw World War Z, partially for zombies, mostly for popcorn.  It was fantastic.  Not too sweet, not too salty...enough for the movie, a lot for later.  We are both talking about my large popcorn, right?

Anyway.  This tale begins a few months ago when I went to a movie with my friend, Melinda.  I think it was "This is Forty."  I bought a large popcorn as I usually do, Melinda got Buncha Crunch, and whomever else we were with was forgotten because they did not purchase a movie time snack.

Partway through the movie, Melinda offered me Buncha Crunch, which I obviously accepted.  I threw the chocolaty goodness in my mouth along with my popcorn and BOOM!  New favorite treat.

Now how does this relate to World War Z?  How is this even a blog post?  I'm happy you asked.  I had leftover popcorn last night and decided to recreate that magical moment with Melinda tonight.  I bought Buncha Crunch at the grocery store and then proceeded to crawl into bed, throw on Netflix (I'm re-watching Fringe from the beginning), and take some webcam photos to document how you, too, can make this treat.

There are three ways to recreate this treat.  They only involve two products: popcorn (any type will do, but movie theater is the best) and Buncha Crunch.

The first method is for those who don't like measuring.  Pour in the Buncha Crunch.  All of it.  You really can't have too much chocolate.  Mix with your hand and make sure when you bring mouthfuls to your lips, you have a good combo of the salty and sweet.

Warning: Method one will bring animals who think they're people over to investigate.  This is Crookston.  He wishes he could enjoy this treat without risk of death (you know how it is with dogs and chocolate).

 Method two involves putting the popcorn in your mouth first.

 And then you put the Buncha Crunch in.

Then you chew or let it melt in your mouth.  Choose your preference.
 Method three, the final one, is my favorite.  Put each treat in a hand with like products.

 Then shove it in your mouth like they're planning an escape...which is entirely possible because the chocolate is rolly.

 I give this recipe a 10 out of 10 for easiness and for the easy ability to replicate.  You're welcome.

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  1. This is the most amazing movie snack ever!! I've been known a time or two to do this exact same thing!!