Art Fair finds

I'm trying to get better at taking pictures of the little things in my life.  Things that make me happy.  Things that need to get done.  Just grabbing the computer and documenting a little snippet of life.  Now I'm not a great, or really even a good, photo taker (I won't even being to pretend the word photographer applies to someone lacking the skills I do), but I figure practice makes perfect. 

I purchased some wonderful photographs, prints, notecards, and postcards from local artists.  Quite a few are around everyday objects and abandoned objects so I'm hoping to frame these and make a little mural on the wall.  I still need to measure for frames so that I can know better what to look for while thrifting. 

The lighting in the above photo is super poor, since these photos were taken at night (which I'm aware is a huge photo no-no).  I figured this last one would give just a little more insight as to how much art I purchased.  My friend Lacey, with whom I went to the art fair, kept giving me crap for everything I bought...what can I say though, I'm an art lover.

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