Has anyone heard of/about MochiThings?  I recently stumbled upon this beauty (the Better Together Note Pouch v2) and saw that it is everything I need and want in an organizer.
Better Together Note Pouch v2
But enough of me drooling over this pouch, and on to a little background info on the company.  According to, and by according to I mean stole word-for-word from, their Facebook page, " is an online store featuring the cutest & functional products we can find all over the world. We are based in Seattle and ships worldwide!"

Now onto a couple more things that I've tossed into the recesses of my mind to wait until payday.

Bottle Pouch
How cute are these Bottle Pouches?

Matryoshka Instax Mini Album
I love that they make all of these things for Instax photos.  My favorite is this Matryoshka Mini Album.

Clear Instax Mini Album Stand
Or if you're a more visual person, here's a Clear Instax Mini Album Stand.

Oxford Scheduler
And the last one that I'll gush about is this Oxford Scheduler.  It's a calendar.  And has a yearly plan.  And a monthly plan.  And a weekly plan!  Does it stop there?  Nope. It has pages for notes, 84 pages to be exact, and a check list area...and to round it all out nicely, their is a place for personal data.  Um...yes, please!

Be sure to head over and see all of the cool things MochiThings has to offer.  And if you're feeling generous, send the Better Together Note Pouch v2 my way! 


  1. Noooo that little organizer guy! I don't even need it but I NEED IT.

  2. So lovely!

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