House Hunting

I've been talking about moving out of my parent's house for a few weeks now.  I'm 23 and decided that maybe it's time I have my own space.  Nothing had really been decided or 100% when my friend Branden's roommates' girlfriend got pregnant and he found himself in need of new place to live.  We were tubing and decided that we're both pretty chill people, so why not co-habitate?

Now, it felt like things were suddenly in motion.  He gave me his particulars-cost, bedroom layout, location, and I began the hunt.  I found out that the perfect apartment for us...did not exist.  Last night, we were out grabbing a drink and he told me he threw our names on a couple of waiting lists, so it was up to fate.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am perhaps the biggest believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason.  Good, bad, horrible, all happened to lead you somewhere, or turn you in to someone, or to prepare you for something.  I was driving around when I stumbled upon this house that was for sale.

Partially as a joke, partially out of actual curiosity, I checked the website for more details and quickly fell in love with the charm of this home.

Claw foot bathtub?  Yes, please!

Stainless steel appliances

Sunroom...needs to be redone, but doesn't need too much

Wood flooring

I have an appointment on Monday to meet with the realtor and take a tour.  Reluctantly, my dad agreed to come and take a look with me to make sure that I wouldn't be completely getting hosed if I ended up buying the house.  Branden has already agreed that he would be fine living in a house, and likes its proximity to downtown so that would mean I'd still have two rooms open if I end out buying it.  I'm really excited for the possibility of getting a house.  The price really is great, and I don't think I'd have any problem selling or renting it when/if I leave town in two years.

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