Farmer's Market

Today was the first time I managed to make it to our local Farmer's Market.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the market, just of my pup wearing his new collar.

It was Crookston's, my pup, first time out and about.  He kept pulling on his leash, but for the most part, did pretty well with handling the crowd, noises, and smells.

Crookston with old collar

Crookston was followed around my a little boy who kept petting him.  While he dealt with it calmly, he did keep giving me "make him stop" eyes.  I thought it was kind of adorable because any time we'd take a corner and the little boy was in the same row, he'd run away from his grandpa to come say hello again.

Another interesting moment consisted of a girl about my age coming up to me and asking me where I bought Crookston (he's a rescue).  Evidently, her sister's dog looks exactly like him and is the same age.  She took out her cell phone and showed me pictures and, sure enough, the other dog looks like Crookston did before his haircut.  She took a picture of my dog to send to her sister and then went on her way.  About ten minutes later, the girl returned with her boyfriend, mom and dad.  They all wanted to pet Crookston and even called the sister to tell her that they were petting Toby's (the twin dog's name) duplicate.  It was all pretty humorous.  I really do think that dog people are the best people.

Crookston with new collar

Hopefully, Crookston and I will be able to make it out a few more times before the end of the summer.  Next time I'm hoping the vegetable selection will be better and I'll leave with more than a dog collar with mustaches and kuchen.

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