I'm officially a member of the bike-owner club.  I am beyond pumped.  Today I went and grabbed some sushi with my friend, Nick and then afterwards he dropped me off at our local bike shop to rescue my bike, which I have yet to name, from layaway.  Obviously, biking in the gym and biking outside are really, really different so barely 3.5 miles later and my back was sweating and I was ready to go home.  After Nick "dropped me off" at my house, I bugged my little sister to take some sweet shots of me on my new beauty.  Enjoy my lameness.

 Awkward, hunch-y, excited, pure joy picture

No hands!

 Just lovin' up on my bike

Have to love my face in this last one, I was trying to quickly plank on it...epic fail

I actually have some really cool crafts, recipes, and life things to share.  I'm hoping life will mellow out a little and I'll have some time to throw into this blog soon :)

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  1. Ahh I wish my bike was actually a girl bike so I could get off it more easily. Anyway, let's ride bikes!