American Flag Shorts

After a long hiatus from blogging, I'm back with a quick tutorial.  I made these shorts for the 4th of July and received quite a few compliments.  Sure, the fireworks and independence day has passed, but they're still pretty fly shorts.

Foam brush-one for each color
Paintbrushes (for small parts and touch-ups)
Red, White, Blue, and Sparkle paint
Painter's tape
Foam stars
Show on Netflix
Blogs to read while paint dries

1. Stick the star on

2. Paint around stars

3. Use small brush to get in between points of star that foam brush missed

4. Space out painters tape on other side to create stripes

 5. Begin to paint white

 6. Finish painting white stripes

7. Cover white stripes with painter's tape

8. Red stripes in between white (covered with painter's tape) stripes

9. Tried sparkles first.  Too light so decided to use the paint brushes to paint white stars

10. Paint all stars white.  After they dry, put sparkle on top

Finished product

The shorts on

Cheesy, mirror picture, but the only one I have of me actually wearing the shorts.

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