Roller Derby

Yesterday I went to my first ever Roller Derby and to describe the match as magical and entertaining is really not doing the sport justice.  The team in my town is not very good (they got beat by 120-some points), but that didn't ruin the excitement of the match...well, at least not for someone like me who had no idea what was going on and stayed because I was in the suicide seats drinking $4 pounders.

I was able to go because my friend Liz (blonde girl on the right) stole the tickets from her roommate (who got them for free at work).  We went with another friend/co-worker, but he wasn't as into the whole thing as we were, so I waited until he left on a beer run to have a friend of Sadie (dirty blonde girl on the left, who is a former co-worker that we ran into) take a picture of us three ladies.

Unfortunately, right after the picture of Liz, Sadie, and I was taken, I spilled beer all over my pants, the floor, and a little into my purse.  I guess my excitement got a little out of control.

Best part of roller derby?  This horribly cheesy cutout where you fill your face in.  Liz and I went a little giddy when we saw it and did our best intense derby faces.  We look constipated.

Overall, I had a fantastic time.  In fact, I decided I wanted to join, but couldn't find a pamphlet anywhere.  I guess my bones are safe for another day.  I'm really not sure if I'd go again, but I think everyone needs to try to go at least once in their life.  It's really a unique sport.


  1. This looks so awesome! We have a roller derby team here and they play against teams from out of state every weekend! I've always wanted to see them but never make the time! It sounds so fun. Thanks for these photos :)