May Day (belated)

So yesterday I left work at 3:30p on the dot.  It was May Day and I wanted to get to the gym so I'd have a free night ahead of me to work on homework and finishing the book, "Fifty Shades Darker."

Anyway, the point is that I left before I received my May Day basket!  Two RTs (Royal Time, the pre-period 1 class) made them for the support staff and I was beyond touch.  They are so cute and look really easy to make/recreate.

In case you cannot tell, the center of the flowers are Hersey Kisses.  The flowers are glued onto Popsicle sticks and placed in the paper "basket" with one sheet of tissue paper.  The "Happy May Day!" card was printed onto paper and then had a hole punched on one side and tied with a ribbon to the handle.

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