"It's Okay" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

This is the first time I'm linking up with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup for an "It's OK" Thursday.  So here goes nothing....

It's OK...

...that the badge bothers me because it should either be okay or OK.
...that I had sushi for supper again tonight.  It was amazing and delicious and worth every calorie.
...that I'm not quite sure what my job situation will be for the summer.  Everything will work out.
...that I spent more time than usual checking my cell phone at work, waiting to see if last night's date text me.
...that I'm pretty checked out from work right now.  The kids aren't going to want to learn anything new with 5 days left of school.
...that I'm happy some children's parents have taken them out for the remainder of the year.  It means less stress during these last days.
...that my room looks like a bomb exploded.  I'll get around to it eventually.
...that I decided not to bake for tomorrow's brunch and bought a fruit tray instead.
...that I have 1043 unfinished projects around my house and I keep buying new materials for new ones.  Who am I to stifle creativity when it decides to show itself.
...to be jealous of someone getting a book published.  I should use it as motivation to finish my own.
...to try something new.  Life is about the process, not necessarily the product.
...to hope that I have a new follower every time I come on.  And to strive to be a better blogger when I don't.

Want to link up?  Head on over to Brunch with Amber to grab a badge and share what you think it OK.

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