Instagram Saturday

Decided to record my day by taking pictures on Instagram...if and when I remembered.

Getting ready to go thrifting
An amazing recliner at one of the thrift stores
Apples at Target (when I switched from thrifting to grocery shopping)
 Crookston checking out one of my finds from the day (I'll be posting pictures of my finds later)
Working on a Smashbook with the vintage clothes I own.  I'm working on taking photos and getting details so I can open up my vintage clothing Etsy shop.
I was getting into a bit of a funk when some friends called and said a band was playing at the Drunken Noodle and the restaurant had set up a miniature beer garden.  I originally said no, but then was told we weren't just drinking, but getting food as well, so I made my way over.  I'm still pretty happily stuffed as I type this.
 Now it's 11p and I'm just catching up on blogs and watching Cheers on Netflix.  Hope everyone else had an enjoyable evening.

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