Hunger Games Interactive Bulletin Board

The middle school life is currently winding down.  Teachers have slowed, if not stopped, their lessons, kids are getting antsy, andm most depressing to me, posters and bulletin boards are coming down.  I figured I share some pictures of a Hunger Games interactive bulletin board that I created.

Long shot of the bulletin board.  It's supposed to look a bit like a Facebook page.

Far left view:  Everything here is pretty self-explanatory and easy to read.

Center: At the point of this picture, the main character was working with the style team (as you can see from her status update).  I laminated a sentence strip so we could use a dry erase marker and change it as we advanced in the book.  Below her status, is her wall-where I had students write responses to what we read on large sticky notes and place them in the white box.

Near the bottom of the board is her "info."  I wrote 10 facts about Katniss that happened before being sent to the Capitol for training and the Hunger Games.

Closer view on the 10 Random Facts.

Right view:  Photos were added as we read the book.  We had just finished with the part where Katniss is entering the game when this photo was taken.

Far right view:  I printed off these Hunger Games posters from College Humor's website.  I thought they looked like the tailored ads Facebook has on people's profiles.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

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