Friday Favorites

1. Vanessa and I finally have a photo together.  We've been friends for almost a year now and hang out a few times a month, but don't didn't have a photo together until now.  Plus, I'm wearing red pants, so it's a win on all counts.

 2.  When I got home today I found that my invite to my friend Shannon's wedding had arrived.  I'm in the wedding, so it's nice to have the paper to remind me that I need to get a lot of things accomplished before the big day.

3.  I ordered some vintage dresses from Steffys Pros and Cons and they arrived today (one of the fastest turnarounds I've ever experienced, so that was amazing).  She styles/wears the clothes on her blog and when she tires of them, puts them in her shop for someone else to find, fall in love with, and buy.  If you're interested, make sure you follow her blog because she will periodically put up discount codes.

4.  Today I learned about Birchbox.  You have to apply/subscribe and it takes 2-3 weeks before you're allowed to buy the box/subscription.  It's $10 a month and for that you get, and this is taken directly from Birchbox's website, "monthly deliveries of trial-sized samples from both well-known brands and emerging gems."  I thought I'd buy my sister a 3-month subscription for her birthday.

5.  While checking blogs today, I visited Skunkboy Blog and on her post today, she mentioned that the Beatrice Holloway collection of clothes she modeled for Emerging Thoughts was 30% off if you mentioned her name (visit her blog for more details).  I fell in love with this dress and another (though there is/was an issue with the other one that we're currently sorting out).

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  1. I almost subscribed to Birch Box last month but changed my mind at the last minute. You have to go on a waitlist to even sign up. Weird. I think maybe I'll sign up when Kiah leaves so I have something to look forward to.