With tests and final projects all looming due in the near future, I've found myself the physical need to craft and thrift (procrastination is my mistress).  This will be the first weekend in quite some time where I do not work and have no obligations, so I'm planning on finishing my history class and visiting the local thrift stores.

Wednesday was the first day of this month's four-day sale at Junk with Spunk.  I usually fall in love with about 500 things, but limit myself due to limitations of funds or storage space.  This month, I picked up this cute little guy.

Now you may find yourself wondering what he is after you stop admiring his sleek design.  Obviously, he's a dachshund.  I'm sure you've noticed the head in his hole, and perhaps, if you have eagle eyes, noticed the hole in his butt.  If you aren't sure what the springs are for in his torso, have no fear.  I have another picture.

The holes, much to my delight, are for pens!  Now, I would never put one in his head, as it makes it took as though he were maimed.  But the butt pen?  It looks like a tail...or at least that's what it's supposed to make you think.  The springs in his middle are for letters.  I originally thought of putting pictures in them, but when I tried it out, you couldn't really enjoy the pictures, so I just took some of my favorite letters out of a box and slide them into place.

Hopefully this weekend will result in a ton of more goodies to share, either thrifted or created.  Happy Friday!

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