Self-portrait Saturday

Joining up with some pretty cool bloggers to take part in Self-portrait Saturday.  The idea is pretty self-explanatory.  Anyone who wants to join the sweet par-tay, should head over to the blog of Ilene, Dana or Rebecca to grab the pin.

I did a little spin off of Ilene's (hers is in the side view mirror of a car) and decided to take a photo of me in  something.  Originally, I took one that used the reflection of my car, but the dirt was a little too obvious and embarrassing.

So here's my self-portrait Saturday picture, taken while thrifting in Crookston, Minnesota.  Got a bunch of cool things that I'll share in a different post, so, for now, enjoy three of me.


  1. YES! we are so meant to be friends - mirror reflections pictures are my favorite! i'm also digging your red pants! happy weekend!