Hunger Games

So I saw these awesome Hunger Games shoes on Etsy, but they were eighty bones and I couldn't find it in myself to dish out that kind of dough for Toms with a little bit of decoration on them.

I decided to try my hand at creating a pair for myself. I went to Target and found a pair of black fabric-covered flats on sale for about thirteen bucks. Next I went to my mecca, also known as Michaels, and bought a giant pack of fabric pens with a 40% off coupon (love Michaels' coupons). I decided that it was worth buying the kit of fifteen colors because, with the coupon, it ended up being the same price as buying the three fabric pens that I thought I needed.

I have zero artistic ability, that should be shared right away. I tend to take on artistic challenges that are above my talent level, but I generally fare well because I have patience, take my time, and plan my project out.

Now, should I get cheesy and say what the books and movie and these themed craft projects mean to me? Okay, internet, I'll share. Hunger Games...I don't even remember when I started reading them, but I remember it was three books over the course of roughly three days (the last one found, perhaps illegally, online). The books touched me in a weirdly personal and private way. When I read the books, not every one was doing it, and it was one of the first things I had done for just myself and by myself in awhile.

I saw the movie the day after it came out with the seventh grade team  that I work with. It was probably the best group to see it with, as my taste in books, and maturity level, generally match their age group.

The second time I went with one of my guy friends who is reading the books, so it was fun to have a fellow grown up's opinion on the movie and someone to help dissect the cinematography.

I haven't done anything remotely crafty in a couple of months, but when I saw those shoes, I knew I was about to get out of my funk.

They aren't perfect, but they were made by me and I love them!

I didn't use stencils or anything, but I did use a pencil to map out where the words and mockingjay would go. I guess that's my piece of advice for anyone who wants to try and create their own, use a pencil, or better yet, chalk, to plan the placement of everything on the shoes. I probably drew and erased the words about four or five times.

Anyway, here is the picture. Feel free to ooh and aww in the comments :)

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