Gnocchi-o and Skill-i-et

I love me some Pinterest.  I waste way too much time finding recipes, things for school, and craft projects.  Last night I decided to try my hand at this healthy dish that promised to be filled with delicious goodness. I made Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans and did my best to document the steps, what I used, and any adaptions I made.

color coordinated- item and measurement
package of Gnocchi- found at Target next to pasta
 package of diced onion (because I hate cutting it up as recommended in the original recipe)
one fresh tomato (as opposed to canned tomato with Italian Seasoning, I added basil and oregano to my fresh tomato)
small can of spinach
15 oz can of white beans
half package of mushrooms (not in the original, but I love mushrooms and will add them to anything)
Minced garlic (as opposed to cloves which are mentioned in the original recipe...this was not an intentional substitution, but rather a case of trying to remember the recipe while at the store and forgetting a few things, enough to taste)
Olive oil (tbsp and tsp, divided)
Pepper (I just used regular pepper instead of freshly ground, 1/4 tsp)
Mozzarella cheese (used about quarter cup)
Parmesan cheese (used about half of a quarter cup)
Water (1/3 cup)

Steps to go with pictures above, working left to right, row by row:
1.  Place 1 tablespoon olive oil in large skillet heated on medium
2. Add gnocchi and cook until starting to brown, took roughly 7 minutes, stir often
3. I diced the tomatoes while the gnocchi was cooking
4. Place gnocchi in bowl.  Then add 1 teaspoon olive oil and onion into pan until it starts to soften
5. Add garlic (I sprinkled very liberally) and 1/3 cup water (this is less than they recommend, feel free to use the 1/2 cup they recommend, but I thought it was almost too liquidy and had to let it sit longer than I liked...I even tried to strain some out)
6. Toss in delicious mushrooms and chop up with your stirring tool
7. Add spinach and stir, allow a minute or two
8. Add tomato and white beans
9. Stir together, add pepper, bring to simmer

10. Add gnocchi
11. Add mozzarella and Parmesan, stir
12. Cover and cook until cheese is melted and dish is bubbling. Time will depend on heat, roughly 2-3 minutes.

Blowing on the finished dish and taking my first bite.  It was delicious despite the funny look on my face in the second picture.  What you see there is some apprehension.  This took little time and is definitely something I would make again since it was so easy.  I also liked that it was vegetarian because once upon a time I counted myself amongst those awesome people.

Thoughts or questions?  Feel free to comment!


  1. This looks good but I have no idea what gnocchi is. Is it like a potato dumpling or something?

  2. I think that's a pretty good definition for it. I know it's potato based, but that's really the extent of my knowledge.