Found this super neat, and easy, tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess Blog. Her painting is super cute, here's a pic of her finished product:
So here is my attempt, from start to finish. Not nearly as cute, or good, or detailed as hers, but I'm a beginner.
1. The picture I picked up for $3 at a thrift store in town. I was thrilled to find it because it was big, cheap, and framed.
2. The supplies I used for the project. Everything was purchased at Michaels. I only ended up using two of the Helvetica stickers (2in) and one bottle of paint.
3. I cut the letters out to see where to place them. After this, I stuck them down. Then...disaster struck.
4. I misplaced a letter, so I pulled it off to readjust when I realized the stickers were pulling up the color/paper. My brain went into overdrive and I almost threw the idea and project out the window.

5. I ended up Modge Podge-ing the crap out of the picture. I think I did four layers to be safe.
6. I relayed the letters to make sure they wouldn't overlap much with where the paint had been peeled up.
7. This is the stickers on the picture.
8. Swirling the paint on the picture.
9. Spreading the paint out onto the painting.
10. Covering all the parts of the painting.
11. After I peeled the stickers off.
12. Putting one layer of Modge Podge on top of the painting to seal it.
13. Final product hanging in my room.

Reflection thoughts: I wish that I'd just Modge Podged at the beginning to save a little bit of stress and panic. I'd also maybe chose a picture with a greater variation in color. The girl at "A Beautiful Mess Blog" says she'd rather use spray paint because her letters bled a little (and so did mine). I, however, liked the way the paint looks being thicker in some areas and thinner in others, so I'd stick with paint.

This was a pretty easy and fairly cheap craft.
Picture- $3
Paint- $1
Brushes- $4 (roughly)
Letters- $6 (each)
Total- $20 (roughly)
That's the full price estimate. I had a coupon for Michaels for 20% off all regular and sale items, so my project probably cost me about $17. Not too bad for a giant picture for my wall.

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