Falling on poor (blogging) habits

Falling a little behind because life has been insanely busy as of late. Will try to post last weeks 366 pictures tonight.

Quick life update:
Had two of my closest friends come up this past weekend and had a blast hanging out with each of them. One came up with just her fiance and I got to help her shop for things for her house and use the hot tub at the hotel they were staying at (I'm pro-hot tub in every situation).

My other friend also came up with her fiance, but more as a giant group of people I got to know during my 3rd/4th year of college. It was fun to see all of those guys again, but it also reminded me of how much I've changed since the days of our friendship.

Anyway, that's about the latest and greatest in my life. More interesting tidbits to come with my photos.

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