Wolf Ridge

Next week I'll be braving a seven-hour drive, in a yellow bus, with roughly 140 seventh graders, to spend a week away from GF. No, I'm not a glutton for punishment, it's just time for Wolf Ridge.

What's Wolf Ridge? Wolfy, as one of my students has so lovingly renamed it, is an Environmental Learning Camp. While away from home, my kids and I will get to learn about nature, do a ropes course, rock climb, learn winter survival, and a bunch of other neat things to expand their minds and comfort zones.

I'm really excited to go, albeit a little nervous. My camera is cracked from an unfortunate dropping on Halloween, so I'm hoping it's up to the task of working and surviving the week with me. I plan on taking a bunch of pictures so it better hold up.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to the trip is that I remember when I got to go ten years ago, when I was just an overexcited seventh grader. I remember staying up too late with the people I naively thought I'd be best friends forever with. I remember sneaking food to our dorm and having our chaperone look the other way. I remember reaching the top of the rock wall and kissing this stuffed goat (who evidently still resides there and people still kiss him...wonder if he'll remember me?). There are so many fond memories that I'm excited to relive it and be there to support my kids as they make lasting memories on their own.

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