For Mature Audiences Only

The other day at work I was looking up craft projects to make with or for the science class I teach when I came across this sweet brain hat.

It looked fairly easy and pretty cheap on the website, but I had never bought caulk before so I had no idea if it was going to be expensive and stop me from creating these sweet hats. Being 22 (almost 23!) means that I don't own a house or anything else that requires purchasing and using caulk, so I decided to ask a real grown-up.

After school, I sought out my supervisor who I have a really good relationship with. She supports me in all of my crazy ideas and lets me grow as an educator in so many ways. KO, my supervisor, was sitting at her desk when I asked her how much cock was....

Yep, I didn't realize that the right way to say caulk is, well, so it doesn't sound like a guy's business. KO stared at me for a minute, started laughing, and told me she's never had to pay for it before, so she didn't know.

Then she graciously pointed out my mistake, and the next 3 people who came in got a chuckle as she retold the story.

I still don't really know how to say caulk properly, so I'm just going to go to Menards and ask for that white stuff you squirt around your bathtub.

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