Weekend Recap (because a month recap is too much)

So this past weekend I went to the cities to hit up a Twins game with about twenty people I've never met before, but have heard plenty about. Jake's friends, well, a small portion of his largely inflated "circle," decided to get tickets for the UND on Target with the Twins event...which pretty much just meant UND students and alumni could buy tickets for roughly $20. I was pretty nervous because we were staying at this girl named Whitney's house/apartment/dwelling, along with ten other people and I had no idea what to expect.

Obviously these people couldn't be serial killers as they were Jake's close personal friends, but I knew that just because they loved and accepted my weird boyfriend didn't mean that I would earn their affection and tolerance by the end of the weekend.

In short, and without going into all the drama that didn't involve me and I did my best to stay out of, I had a pretty good time. Despite a little awkward beginning, I met something awesome (read: crazy) people who I think I'll remain friends with. I'd even go as far to say that I think I would have become friends with most of them had we met previously.

I've decided to post some pics and write some random stuff under each pic that may or may not make any sense. Enjoy.

This picture is from our first night. It was Kelly's (Whitney's roommate) birthday and the theme was 90s jerseys. I didn't realize how seriously these people take their theme parties (being ex-sorority girls and all), so I did not arrive prepared. I'm wearing a Twins shirt borrowed from Whitney and probably the world's most uncomfortable smile.

This and me and Whit at the game. Our group made it on the big screen 5 times though I'm not surprised given how much dancing and boozing was taking place in our two rows.

Neither Jake or I are the take pictures of ourselves sort of people, but, for some reason, I suggested we take a photo. I don't know why, but this picture makes me feel weird and uncomfortable, probably because I felt stupid taking it. I'm always a little jealous of those girls who have a lot of cute photos with their boyfriends/fiances/husbands/significant others, but I just am not comfortable handing my camera to someone and asking them to take a pic. I feel dumb. I honestly don't even know why I'm posting it.

Two stories after this pic!

The first story is short and about the picture. This is me with Andi (Sean's girlfriend) and Whitney (Andi's friend). The fine young sir in the back is Joe. We asked Joe to take the picture with us and he refused, but seconds before this shot was taking we could hear him sneaking up behind us. Long story short, Joe is a lonely friend but doesn't like to admit it.

The second story involves me and Andi. During our second night out (about five hours after this photo was taken), booze was consumed, stupid decisions were made, and two girls bonded. Andi and I bonded over what many females bond over: man-hating. Andi was angry at her boyfriend and complaining about all the stuff he did that she disliked and how she wishes he were more like Jake (followed by specific things she was jealous of that Jake, or Jake and I did). While I listened to her, all I could think about was how jealous I was of her relationship.

  1. Sean, Andi's bf, is someone Andi calls her best friend. I like to think that Jake is my best friend, but Sean is his best friend, so I just label him my boyfriend and don't fall into the idea that I can be dating my best friend like most girls I know say they are.

  2. Sean drunkenly told us about how much he loves Andi and how much she's the person he thinks about while having alone time. A day or two later, Sean and I were talking on the phone and he mentioned only looking for new jobs in Fargo because that's where Andi is. When he said this, all I could think about was how when Jake was unhappy with his job, he mostly looked for jobs in Fargo and even turned down an interview in Grand Forks. I realize that Jake had a lease and all that jazz in Fargo, but I couldn't help but think, "damn, Sean is truly, deeply, in love. Andi is super lucky."

  3. Andi is a photo person! She takes pics of her and Sean which just adds to their cuteness and my envy of them as a couple.

Even though I thought/think all of these things, I realized she was right to be jealous of Jake and I, just as I am right to be jealous of her and Sean. No one's relationship is 100% perfect and there will always be another couple who, in at least one area, seems to have it better off than you do. I'm a super lucky girl though. I have a boyfriend who let me drag him around IKEA for far longer than he would have liked to have been there. I also have a boyfriend who, when I jokingly mentioned the outlets, insisted we go since we're really never in the cities. The most important thing is that I keep the two boyfriends I just mentioned from knowing about one another.

Huge group picture. Try to find me...because I stick out like a sore thumb.
Picture of Jake and I at some bar and restaurant. Andi took this pic. I complain about not having very many nice pics with a boy and then I do lame stuff like this...will I never be happy?!?

Whitney and I being broken down models in the alley bar. Yeah. We're cool.

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